I Need a Cone 6 Glaze that Won’t Craze



If you are concerned with crazing and are having trouble finding suitable glaze recipes then this article if for you! It is a 25 page PDF describing a three year project to find some glazes that did not craze on most clay bodies. There are 8 successful clear transparent glazes that didn’t craze even after 3 years on a variety of clay bodies. I also listed 23 total recipes tested with images.

This article describes the factors involved in crazing, from the clay body, glaze thickness, firing cone, etc. I tried to provide parameters for Al/Si ratio as well as CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) estimates so that you can expand it to recipes you create or find on-line.

They were all tested in cone 6 electric firings.

Downloadable PDF. (You should be sent a link to click IMMEDIATELY so you can download it. Watch for it. Check your SPAM file! If you don’t see it contact me asap.  )