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“Is it Food Safe?”



“Is it Food Safe?”

This is a short PDF expressing my thoughts on the ubiquitous question in ceramics “Is it Food Safe?” I also give my thoughts on studio safety.



If we are making functional ware we need to be educated about the materials we are using and the processes of mixing, applying and firing ceramic glazes. By doing this we will be less susceptible to the irrational hysteria that sometimes surrounds safety in ceramics and we can focus on real safety concerns.

In order to answer this question, we first need to define and discuss some terms we are using, like: food-safe, durable/stable, toxicity, leaching, and crazing. Then we need to understand the variability in the ceramic materials and the firing process, including how to fire properly, how to stack and use our kilns and how to understand cones and heat work. Finally, we need to have a realistic discussion of toxicity and acknowledge our assumptions and cultural expectations about perfection in ceramics.

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