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Experiments in Manganese Gold and Iridescent Glazes PART 2; Cones 5-6 electric.


Experiments in Manganese Gold and Iridescent Glazes PART 2; Cones 5-6 electric.



This is a 78 page PDF outlining my experiments with Manganese Gold and Iridescent Glazes: Part II (Cones 5-7) Electric

I include many recipes, combinations and firing cycles as well as sample pieces which show the range of possibilities for these amazing glazes. They are all electric oxidation glazes ranging from cone 5 to cone 7. I list multiple firing cycles and refiring cycles.

This is a rare piece of ceramic glaze literature because most people keep these secrets to themselves but I wanted to share what I learned so others could take it as a starting point in their research. (Plus I am getting old and forgetful and wanted to write it all down.)

This is well worth the price tag because as you know, trying to learn this all yourself would take years of making tiles, throwing, trimming and bisque firing thousands of pieces, making glaze recipes and variations. Basically the cost of two glaze glaze firing and you can have it all. This is part 2 and is a stand alone document for those who fire or want to fire to cone 5/6 electric. A gem of ceramics literature.

A couple of caveats:

1. Manganese is a dangerous fume hazard so these glazes must be treated with care. I have kilns that are outside, so I don’t get fumes in my studio. Also follow guidelines in SDS sheets. Wear gloves when handling and glazing and keep the studio clean of splashes of glaze everywhere. Also, the glazes are for non-functional surfaces. All the glazes contain manganese oxide or carbonate as well as other toxic materials, like barium carbonate, cobalt oxide, copper oxide, molybdenum sulfide, lithium oxide, etc. And even after being fired they are NOT FOOD-SAFE!

2. Some ingredients are very expensive like the Molybdenum sulfide, Bismuth frit FZ-915, Lithium carbonate and Cobalt oxide which all cost be between $25-$42 dollars a pound. I have some glazes in here that don’t require them, but many do.


Downloadable PDF (You should be sent a link to click IMMEDIATELY so you can download it. Be patient because it may take time depending on your connection speed. It is 25 megs! Watch for it. Check your SPAM file! If you don’t see it contact me asap. I can link you to a Dropbox download if you have problems.

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