E-BOOK: The Quest for the Illusive Leaf Bowl and other Selected Articles




This is a collection of both previously published articles on a wide range of ceramic topics and two new articles, including replicating the famous Leaf Bowl. These articles were published in various ceramic magazines over the past 13 years, like Ceramics Monthly, Studio Potter, Ceramics Technical and Ceramics Review. If you were not a subscriber you may not have seen these articles and I thought that they were worth a read.

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Articles include: 

-The Quest for the Illusive Leaf Bowl 

-Majolica Freckles -Over- The-Counter Glazes 

-Oil-Spot Glazes 

-Firing with Vegetable Oil 

-Your Work, Your Voice 

-Mid – Range Reduction 

-Illusions of Accuracy

-The Many Layers of Kiln Wash 

-Materials and Firing 

-All About Iron 

-Nature of Ceramics is Disappointment 

-TECHNO FILE: Mesh Size 

-Snowflake Crackle 

-TIPS AND TOOLS: Solid Arch Kiln 

-TECHNO FILE: Copper Oxide 

-TECHNO FILE: Castable Refractory 

-STUDIO VISIT: John Britt 

-TECHNO FILE: Chrome Oxide 

-Flambé Magic 

And finally—-You know you’re a Potter if…