Fundamentals of Glazing: The Basics

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This is the first video in a series I am developing on glaze application and glazing techniques. In this first video, Fundamentals of Glazing: The Basics I show various techniques like pouring, dipping, and brushing on glazes.

This video walks you through the basics of glaze application beginning with insuring a consistent bisque, getting your bisque ware ready for glazing, having a well-mixed glaze, the correct glaze thickness (specific gravity) and then the thickness of the glaze on the actual pot. I then walk you through a variety of application techniques – pouring, dipping and brushing on various forms, tumblers, bowls, vases and plates.

I also share my systematic approach to glaze application and record-keeping which enables you to concisely produce the glaze affects you want.

If you are a beginner or intermediate potter who struggles with glaze application …this is the video for you.

This is a DVD.

Running time: 1 hours and 34 minutes.

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John Britt has been a potter and educator for more than 31 years. He has worked and taught at universities, colleges and craft centers throughout the United States. John is the author of The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glaze; Glazing & Firing at Cone 10, and The Complete Guide to Mid-Range Glazes; Glazing and Firing at Cones 4 -7, both by Lark Books. He has a self-published eBook, The Search for the Illusive Leaf Bowl, and other articles available for purchase on his website.  John teaches glaze chemistry, throwing, glazing and firing workshops nationally and internationally. He works out of his Bakersville, North Carolina, studio. To learn more about John, visit his website: